CS Auburn is proud of a 100% success rate in year 6 Selective Exam for 2017. Top scorer student of CS Auburn selected in Sydney Boys High School

1.What is CS Education?


 CS education is helping NSW primary and secondary students for achieving success in all forms of competitive examinations from Kindergarten to Year 12 since 2002. CS empowers young individuals to achieve their educational goals. CS education offers a blended learning system for students. Classroom tutoring helps students for interactive sessions and peer learning whereas CS online school help students with self-study and parents to review their progress continuously.

CS education study materials are best in class. CS Learning has the highest market share of all paid tutoring brands, significantly outpacing our competitors.

 2. What courses we offer?

  • WEMG ( Writings, English, Mathematics and General ability) Class room courses from Kindergarten to Year 6
  • TRAIL TEST for OC ( Opportunity classes ) and Selective High school exams
  • Private High School Scholarship exam tests and special classes
  • Preparing for NAPLAN
  • HOLIDAY PROGRAMS (5 or 10 days accelerated courses)
  • Supplementary course (essay writing, mastering general ability, reading comprehensive strategy
  • Homework helps
  • CS online school is provided to all enrolled students for free.

3.Why tutoring is important for primary school students?

NSW primary education is measured through NAPLAN tests. Tutoring helps students to study in a structured way and students
eventually score much better in NAPLAN compared to other students.

NSW education system provide better infrastructure and funding towards selective schools and hence students of selective high schools perform better in HSC exams and overall throughout in universities and other academic fields. Out of 280000 High school students only 3600 gets opportunity to study in Selective High schools.

Out of 500000 primary students across NSW primary schools, around 14000 students opt for Selective schools exam for 3600 seats. This competition is increasing year to year as every year number of students appearing for the exam is increasing around 8-10%. Your child needs to be better prepare with English, Writing, Mathematics and General ability. Moreover, general ability is not taught in schools and students need lots of practice to master the skill.

In private education normally students get better teaching and mentoring. However, this is very expensive. If your child is provide  guidance   they will be able to get through selective high schools. Selective high schools are better than private schools. And while parents spend $5000-$8000 for 2-4 years of tutoring, they can save $100000 in tuition fees by sending their child to selective high school instead of  a private school.

Most of the private schools offer scholarships on merits and they conduct examination. For parents who are always more inclined to   private schools, because of alma mater or better mentoring, can save on the tuition fee if the child can perform well in the scholarship exam. At CS education auburn, we prepare students for private school scholarship exams as well.

4. The right tutoring at the right level…


At CS education AUBURN, we provide the best of learning material and curriculum after assessing the student in an initial assessment. We offer ‘the right tutoring at the right level’ for every students. Our study materials have different difficulty levels for different students and we always prepare students in next year level so that they can perform better in NAPLAN.

CS education system is an innovated on/offline integrated blended learning system where students can use online login for self-study. Additionally students are provided homework helps and special classes if they are lagging behind other students. Students are assessed through a 7 steps learning system with regular tests and review sessions. Parents can review the progress through online system or at regular meetings with tutors and principal.

5.Tell me more about CS Education, Auburn…..


Our Team at CS education AUBURN is dedicated and committed to work with local community in AUBURN and surrounding suburbs of GRANVILLE, MERRYLANDS, BANKSTOWN, REGENTS PARK, BERALA and CHESTER HILL. We have a team who can speak most of the languages in this region. Our principal has a degree in Psychology and education and training in NSW primary education system.

We are operating in small classes to provide better attention to each student. Also we are offering free drop off and pick up from local schools. Presently 1 free WEMG class or 1 free trial test is offered for each student to try out us.

We have special promotional offers of 20% discount for new students and special discounts for high achievers, siblings and bundled courses (WEMG + Trial tests). 

Every tree in this world has same chance of survival; one that gets right water (study material), light (teaching) and nourishment (assessment-review-help) grows bigger and better.




CS Education group has developed into a sophisticated and personalised education system to cater for all aspects of student learning.

7 Steps Repeated Learning System

We provide best class of learning material and curriculum. We offer ‘the right tutoring at the right level’ with an innovated on/offline integrated blended learning system. We select and train the most dedicated and intelligent tutors to maintain an extremely high standard of tuition.

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Mail Us:tutoringatauburn@gmail.com

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